Young couple talking

Relationship Assessment

The holidays remind us that the year is coming to an end, which provides us with a good opportunity to reflect on the health of our relationship. We want to be in a committed, loving relationship but we sometimes find ourselves settling, giving up what is important to us. At times it is good to […]

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Girl considering abortion

Patient Rights

Are you thinking of having an abortion? Do you know that you have rights as a patient seeking an abortion? You have the right to insist your abortion can only be performed by a licensed physician. You have the right to know the medical malpractice history of this physician and to know whether his or […]

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Couple hooking up

Hooking Up

Hooking up. You wanted true commitment, love, and someone to spend your life with.  But you did not see it happening for you and you found yourself in a place that you never thought you would be in. So what’s the big deal? Our fast-paced and sex-driven culture tells us that hooking up is okay […]

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