You can do hard things

Words Create Worlds

When you see successful entrepreneurs or hear stories of people living out their dreams, do you tend to discredit yourself and think you could never take the step to achieve your dreams? Is going to school/finishing school or getting that desired job seem like something you could never do? What if it IS possible? What […]

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Young Couple

Wait For What??

We live in a time when we can have honest, open discussions about sex. That’s a good thing. We talk to a lot of young women about sex every day in our 5 medical clinics in Broward County.  We talk to the young men who come in with them sometimes, too. One thing we have […]

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Feeling Confused?

You thought you would have an abortion if you accidentally got pregnant. But now that the possibility of the pregnancy is real, you’re not feeling so sure. Not sure you want to go through with it? Did you know that there is a place you can go to talk freely with medical professional about the […]

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