Packing for College: What NOT to Bring

You’ve probably seen it – those students who show up to college with an entire car full of boxes that seem to barely fit in their new dorm. Obviously, you don’t want to forget something important, but it’s also easy to bring more than you need.   The most important thing is to think about […]

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a woman considering an abortion decision looks at her phone

3 Quick Ways to Know If Hope Women’s Centers Is Right for You When Making an Abortion Decision

You’ve taken at-home pregnancy tests over and over again with positive results, you’re struggling financially, worried about how this pregnancy will impact you and thinking through an abortion decision.   First things first— at-home tests aren’t always the most dependable, but lab-quality pregnancy tests performed by a licensed medical professional are. We can do this for you at NO-COST.   You desire information about all […]

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5 Ways to a Better Mood in Less Than a Minute

If you’re looking for some ways to feel better fast, we’ve got some simple ideas to try! We might as well start with my favorite! Burn away those morning blues by lighting a candle while you get ready in the morning. I prefer vanilla, because it’s not overpowering and eases me into my morning, especially […]

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a woman searching for early abortion options in Ft. Lauderdale on her phone

Early Abortion Options in Ft. Lauderdale:

What’s the Difference Between RU-486, Medication Abortion, Medical Abortion, and the Abortion Pill? When you’re looking for early abortion options in Ft. Lauderdale, you’re bound to run across the terms RU-486, medication abortion, medical abortion, and the abortion pill. With so many terms, it can be difficult to understand exactly which of those abortion options does […]

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Decrease Your Vulnerabilities This Winter –> Learn Self-Defense!

Classes are available all over the country to help you fight off an attacker should you find yourself in that terrible situation. We’d like to give you some additional tips to decrease your vulnerability, making you less of a target for predators. Blending old tried-and true best practices with new technological advances, we think you’ll […]

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