Abortion Options

It’s so easy to get caught up in reading online all about things that have to do with abortion options in Ft. Lauderdale when you’re putting your own abortion plan together. From abortion forums and blogs where people share their personal stories to groups that don’t necessarily hold the same beliefs as you, everyone seems to have an opinion.

While doing solid research when making decisions is important, putting yourself through unnecessary anxiety that comes with diagnosing yourself and taking medical advice from information read online is just not worth it. CBS News actually reported on this a couple years ago and summarized that while reading online about your symptoms may help “educate and guide further questions,” it’s certainly not a replacement for a real face-to-face consult with a licensed medical professional.

I mean let’s face it—we have an internet filled with trending headlines like “Rapper Is Raising $1 Million To Prove Earth Is Flat. (It’s Not)” andDog Hoards Money So She Can Pay For Treats Herself.” (I had to check out the links myself, just to see if they were real things… Don’t be ashamed if you did too!) So, do I really need to persuade you to not scour the internet for hours looking for medical advice about abortion options in Ft. Lauderdale from the same internet that gives us “The Earth is Flat Rapper” and “Your Dog is Smarter than Me with Money” when we have a place that can provide an appointment with a licensed medical professional to ask any and all questions you have about abortion options for free?

Wait… What? Yeah, that’s right. That’s an internet fact that you can trust!  All of our services are offered FREE of charge, because we’re a non-profit women’s health clinic that believes in empowering women to make the best decision for their life and their situation. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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