Couple hooking up

Hooking Up

Hooking up. You wanted true commitment, love, and someone to spend your life with.  But you did not see it happening for you and you found yourself in a place that you never thought you would be in. So what’s the big deal? Our fast-paced and sex-driven culture tells us that hooking up is okay […]

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I will support whatever you decide

“I will support whatever you decide.”

Have you recently found out you are pregnant, told the father and his response was: “I will support whatever you decide?” Did his positive-sounding team player response leave you feeling somewhat confused and alone and you are not sure why? Our culture tells women that a pregnancy decision is in their hands, it is their […]

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Broward Wellness Center_STDs


If you are sexually active, it is very important to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). With 27 different known STIs, each time you choose another partner, your chance of contracting and/or passing on a sexually transmitted infection(s) rises dramatically. If you think you may be pregnant or you are pregnant, please visit one […]

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Couple Holding Hands

The Morning After

Yesterday we set our clocks back and “gained” an hour. Have there been times in your life when you would have liked to have an extra hour to consider an important decision? Sometimes we all need a chance to re-set our clocks, and take that extra hour to think more clearly. Looking back, some of […]

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In serving woman and men in Broward County, Florida since 1987 we have been asked lots of questions. Here are a few of the most common: Do I have to have health insurance to be seen? Hope: We do not accept health insurance because we do not charge or get “paid” for any services we […]

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