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If you are sexually active, it is very important to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). WithCall and speak to our trained medical staff about options for testing and treatment of STIs.

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The Morning After

Yesterday we set our clocks back and “gained” an hour. Have there been times in your life when you would have liked to have an extra hour to consider an important decision? Sometimes we all need a chance to re-set our clocks, and take that extra hour to think more clearly. Looking back, some of […]

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In serving woman and men in Broward County, Florida since 1987 we have been asked lots of questions. Here are a few of the most common: Do I have to have health insurance to be seen? Hope: We do not accept health insurance because we do not charge or get “paid” for any services we […]

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Before Your Appointment

As you are making a decision regarding your pregnancy, there are a few things to know before coming in for your appointment. We welcome walk-ins at convenient locations throughout Broward County. If time is of the essence, we encourage you to make an appointment. We offer varied hours at our locations – we will help […]

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How to Tell Your Parents You Are Pregnant

Are you worried that your parents will freak out when they find out you are pregnant? There may be several reasons for your fear: you are still in school and are financially dependent on them you are afraid they will kick you out of the house they may have expectations from you and you don’t […]

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