filling up the piggy

Filling Up the Piggy Bank

Does the word finance make you cringe? Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Or maybe you want to live a life where you’re not constantly checking your bank account? The best way to predict your future is to create it.       5 tips on how to take control of your finances and start […]

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Practical help if you think you are pregnant

Think you may be pregnant? Take action with these 5 steps

You had sex and you are not sure if the protection and/or birth control you used was effective now that you are late. After taking a pregnancy test (or four!) you might feel the urge to panic when they all return positive. As hard as it may be to resist this urge, follow these five […]

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Sex and the Mind

Sex and the Brain

You’re a young adult now but you may have had to sit through classes where someone at your school talked to you about not having sex until you were married. The conversation may have seemed like a good idea (in a perfect world) but not in your world. After all, marriage is not even not […]

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Resisting Drugs and Alcohol Easily

Resisting Drugs and Alcohol

Resisting Peer Pressure How to avoid drugs and alcohol without it being a big deal You’re at a party or even out casually with friends and you are offered drugs or alcohol. What do you do? Do you trust your friend’s judgement and immediately accept what they offer you so you are not left out? […]

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Confident You - Hope Women's Centers

Confident You

Pick three words that describe who you are as a person? Just three. Got them? Now think of a time when you did not show one or all three of these qualities. We have had female patients describe themselves as: smart, kind, bold, forward-thinking, educated, compassionate, creative, and hardworking. No one is perfect and that […]

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