Are Hook-ups Pro-Woman?

Casual sex and hook-up culture often claim to be pro-woman and a form of female empowerment, but is this true? As we dig deeper into the effects of casual sex, we become more aware of the specific ways hook-ups can make women emotionally and physically vulnerable. Let’s unpack this below.  Hook-ups Can Make Women Feel […]

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My Girlfriend Wants an Abortion

“I’m pregnant.” Those two little words that turn your world upside down. “And I think I’m going to get an abortion.” Your heart stops for a minute. Okay, that makes sense. Wait, is that what I want? It’s her choice, isn’t it? And I’m supposed to support her… But what if you want to keep […]

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Men your voice matters

Men: your voice matters

We know the issue of an unexpected pregnancy is just that – unexpected. Despite telling you how ‘not’ to get a girl pregnant, no one tells you what to do if she DOES get pregnant. While it’s her legal right to decide on what she does, your voice does matter. Despite cultural pressures and opinions, […]

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What Can Guys Do To Help?

Your girlfriend thinks she might be pregnant, and you are feeling shocked, scared, and trapped. As a guy, you may feel like you don’t want to (or need to) deal with this decision. She needs you. One of the worst pieces of advice you can give her during this time is “I’ll support whatever you […]

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I will support whatever you decide

“I will support whatever you decide.”

Have you recently found out you are pregnant, told the father and his response was: “I will support whatever you decide?” Did his positive-sounding team player response leave you feeling somewhat confused and alone and you are not sure why? Our culture tells women that a pregnancy decision is in their hands, it is their […]

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