Choosing Abortion

Choosing Abortion

Many of our patients did not plan on getting pregnant. They face really hard choices.

These are some of the concerns they share with us:

“I can’t afford to have a baby now.”
“I want to finish school and don’t see how I can do it with a baby.”
“I don’t want to be a single parent like my mom.”
“The father of the baby wants me to abort.”
“If my parents found out I got pregnant, I would get kicked out of the house.”

Our mission at Hope is to encourage and equip women to make informed decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies. Our goal is for each patient to make her own decision after she has received the information we provide. Sometimes  they choose to carry to term, sometimes they choose to place for adoption, and sometimes they choose to end their pregnancy and have an abortion. Our job is not to judge them. Our job is to give them the facts they need, no matter what choice they make.

Women need facts to make an informed choice. They need facts about the actual pregnancy:

  • Am I really pregnant? We provide a medical pregnancy test to find out.
  • How far along am I? We provide a free limited OB ultrasound so you will know.
  • Do I need to decide today? The ultrasound will reveal the location of the pregnancy. If the nurse suspects the pregnancy is located in the fallopian tube or is the process of miscarriage, you will be referred to the ER or to your physician because these situations require immediate attention.  In most other instances, you will have time to carefully consider your decision and talk it over with your family/friends.

They need facts about abortion procedures and risks.

  • Nothing is risk-free and choosing abortion is no exception, whether it is by pill or by surgery. Our nurses and options counselors will calmly and honestly discuss these risks with you and you can ask questions in a safe environment. We don’t make any profit from your decision, so you can trust the information you receive.
  • We provide patients with free and confidential services. If our patients choose to have an abortion we want them to know they have rights as a patient and should demand quality care from their abortion provider.

Even though we do not refer nor perform abortions, we have medical staff available to answer any questions our patients have about abortion  and we provide needed information, in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential atmosphere. All of our services are offered free of charge.

Hope Women’s Centers does not profit in any way from our patients or from any decision a patient chooses. Hope has been a safe and trusted source for women since 1987.

Call Hope Women’s Centers today and schedule a free ultrasound in one of our medical centers.

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