Healthy Additives for Your Morning Coffee

After reading our blog posted on July 7th, you now know that coffee is healthy and there are many health benefits to having a cup or two.  As I am sure you are aware… when you add loads of sugar to your coffee, the health benefits decrease.  So, what can you add to your coffee that will not decrease its health benefits?

  • Almond Milk- Almond milk is higher in calcium than regular milk and the unsweetened kind only has 30 calories per cup. Coconut milk or cashew milk also has a rich nutty taste that is full of calcium.
  • Cinnamon- Adding cinnamon to your coffee is not only a tasty additive, but you will also increase your antioxidant intake, protect your body against high blood sugar, and lastly… cinnamon puts your brain to work.
  • Honey- Honey tastes great in coffee and is an excellent natural alternative to unhealthy refined sugar.
  • Pumpkin- The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a fall favorite and everyone longs for the day that Starbucks starts selling them again. However, it doesn’t fool anyone… the PSL is the opposite of healthy.  However, mixing real pumpkin into black coffee can allow for a similar pumpkin flavor without the intense sense of Starbucks guilt.
  • Ice- Sometimes the hot black coffee can be hard to drink and even tougher on your stomach. Try adding ice to make it an iced coffee.  The bitterness of the black coffee isn’t so intense with the coffee chilled on ice.

*Tip:  Fill an empty ice cube maker with coffee and freeze overnight.  This will allow you to chill your morning coffee without watering it down with regular ice cubes.

Now go enjoy your Cup of Joe with reassurance that you are fueling your body with healthy additives and not cups of sugar.


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