“I will support whatever you decide.”

I will support whatever you decide

Have you recently found out you are pregnant, told the father and his response was: “I will support whatever you decide?” Did his positive-sounding team player response leave you feeling somewhat confused and alone and you are not sure why?

Our culture tells women that a pregnancy decision is in their hands, it is their choice; and it is. The law backs a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, even if the father disagrees.

The pregnancy decision is the mother’s to choose, and in many ways our culture has told men they do not have a voice in the matter – and the men have heard. Men may feel that sharing their thoughts may make the woman in their life upset.

We see women in our medical centers that often want the men in their life to support their decision but also do not want to be the sole person to make the final decision. Many women want to hear what the man desires. Men have grown to learn from our culture that their words towards the decision are not relevant and bear no weight and they begin to believe that the only proper response is to support what the women decides.

Although a woman’s sole right to choose sounds empowering, most women struggle to understand why they feel so alone. To make a situation worse, many women state they might have chosen a different decision if the father of the child would have told them what he desires.

Since 1987, Hope Women’s Centers has been helping women and men in the midst of their pregnancy decision. Women are assured of their pregnancy in our medical centers through pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, provided at no cost. With her permission, we invite the men in her life to join the conversation and to talk together through the decision as a couple.

Our heart at Hope is that women and men would be encouraged and equipped to make an informed decision regarding unplanned pregnancies. We want you to know all the medical facts and the options available to you.

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