Items You Should Never Share With Your Girlfriends

Okay, real talk… we’ve all grown up with the phrase, “sharing is caring”.  But I am here to tell you that is not always the case, and sometimes there are things we just should not share!  Specifically, with our girlfriends.

In the girl-power world that we live in where we always want to share with the women around us… there are just some things that are NOT made for sharing.  In these instances, sharing is not caring, and it is not fun.

So instead of what not to wear… what about what not to share?

Your underwear or any undergarment:  I know… I have been there.  You were spending the day with your girlfriend, hanging out and swimming all day, just to come inside afterward and realize you forgot to pack extra underwear and you just have to get out of that wet swimsuit.  But please, take some advice here… it is much safer to just not wear any than to borrow anyone’s underwear.  Once again… I know… your friend swears up and down they are clean and that you have nothing to worry about.  But let’s just play it safe and go a couple hours without underwear instead of the rest of our lives with a STD or STI that we cannot get rid of.

Your toothbrush:  Ew.  This is just gross.  Do not share your toothbrush.  I know accidents happen and you might share a toothbrush holder with your roommate, and sometimes it is just hard to determine whose is whose, but it is best to go buy a new one if you ever have any doubts.  As we all know, sharing toothbrushes share sicknesses and potentially diseases as well.

Your gum:  Germs.  That is all I can say.  Sharing your gum and sharing your toothbrush is about the same thing.  I know we all love our friends, and we love to share… but sharing germs is not fun, or smart.  Buy breath mints, or even bulk containers of gum, but keep your gum, and your germs, to yourself.

Your contacts: Again, ladies… I have been there!  We have disposable contacts and we are staying over at a friend’s house that has an extra pair of non-disposable contacts (that she only wore once) that she is okay with lending us because hey, she has an extra pair… How about just no?  It is not wise to share something that has sat on top of someone else’s eyeballs.  Even if she just wore them once…

And again… you are not alone!  I have been there before!  I just assure you, it is so much better to go a day without underwear, or a day without brushing your teeth, or a day with bad breath, and a day of being blind, than to go a lifetime with an illness or a disease that you just cannot get rid of. 


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