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Pregnancy Tests

Our Medical Director authorizes a medical-quality pregnancy test for all patients who request a test and have a photo ID available. Trained and approved personnel administer tests. Test results are confirmed by a nurse and are shared with the patient by a nurse or a client advocate.

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds

Pregnant patients may be eligible for a limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm gestational age and the presence of a viable, intrauterine pregnancy. An ultrasound can rule out a miscarriage in progress or an ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy located in the fallopian tube. Both of these conditions require emergency medical attention and the patient will be referred to a private physician or a local emergency room.

STI/STD Testing and Treatment

Pregnancy is not the most serious consequence of having sex. Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections (STDs/STIs) are common. Some can be cured; some cannot. All of them can be transferred from person-to-person through sexual contact. Comprehensive information about a variety of STDs is available in our centers. Two of the most common are Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Because these STIs are easy to test for and easy to treat with antibiotics, Hope Women’s Centers offers limited testing and treatment for qualified pregnant Hope patients for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Sex Is A Big Deal

Our nurses are available for consultation about your sexual health. Sex is a big deal. A lot of medical research has been done about sexual health. You may want to speak with a trained professional about the risks that are involved in sexual activity:

  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections
  • Emotional/Psychological Damage
Having Sex? You Need To Get Tested!

If you are sexually active you need to be tested for STIs, even if you are not pregnant. We provide referrals for low-cost or no-cost STI testing for non-pregnant patients, and partners of patients.

Source: Centers For Disease Control

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