No Strings Attached?

no strings attached

She came home, dropped her bags, went to her bed, and grabbed her pillow.

Shandice was technically single, but she kind of had Jerome.

She and Jerome met about 6 months ago when Shandice’s boyfriend (at the time) broke up with her. Since Jerome had also been through a bad break up, they’d just be “friends”. When they were lonely they’d help each other get through it. It was a relationship with no strings attached. Jerome was okay with sex, but not with having a relationship. Shandice thought she was okay with this too… But tonight, she wasn’t. She felt like she was giving herself to Jerome but not getting what she really needed – understanding, comfort, and constant companionship.

Shandice just wanted to be an independent woman. She and her mom made it without her dad, so why would she need a man? But tonight, after they had been together, Jerome told her that he was seeing someone. Although they had talked about seeing other people, it hurt her. She’d gotten upset and he got upset that she did. Things did not end well.

As she sat curled up on her bed, she began to ugly cry. Why couldn’t someone just stay and be all there for her? And why did she have such a hard time doing life by herself…

She was out of answers… and it was about to get worse…

A week later, she found out she was pregnant… with Jerome’s baby.

We see patients at times that have this similar story. What was casual sex with no strings attached turns into much more. You were not expecting to be in this situation, so now what?

Come to one of our centers to find out if you are pregnant and talk with someone about your options. Whether patients come to us with their boyfriend, finance, husband, or friend; we are here for them, without judgement and with free services. We do not benefit financially off of decisions made by patients. We are here for you, confidentially and with resources and referrals to help, and with no strings attached.

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