Our Blog Is 1 Year Old!

One Year Old

Today our blog is one year old!! Although we have been serving women and men in Broward County for over 28 years, we created this blog a year ago to enlarge the conversation we are having with patients, women and men in our community.

In lieu of turning one, we wanted to recap some of the topics that were popular among our viewers this past year. We hope you enjoy this post and we encourage you to share it with your friends.

We believe that women are capable of making their own choices when given accurate information. We acknowledge that our role is to empower women to make informed decisions by providing accurate information about their options; not to judge our clients’  lifestyle,  behavior, or decisions.

Abortion. Parenting. Adoption. All options. Each choice carrying further options to consider.

We established our clinics as medical centers years ago to provide our patients with medical professionals to answer questions, perform needed ultrasounds and refer to needed resources (beyond this list) in our community. We want women to know they should get tested for STIs even if their pregnancy test results are positive and that women have rights as patients if they decide to have an abortion.

We believe that every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy has a right to examine her options in a safe and confidential place.  Our patients have a right to get accurate information from someone who does not profit financially from her decision. This is why we offer all of our services free of charge and do not accept health insurance.

Women are powerful and capable of making hard decisions when provided with information and assistance, like many of our previous patients.

We know time is of the essence and knowing what options are available to our patients is important to them. This is why we do all that we can to even accept walk-ins* in our medical clinics.

Beyond our commonly asked questions we know each patient has a different story and are seeking specific answers. That is why when a patient calls, we let them know that we have patient advocates and medical personnel to answer their questions and we also encourage patients to bring the person in their life that is in involved in helping them make their decision. We confidentially see patients of all ages and do not need parental permission for underage girls to benefit from our services.

We have been serving women and men in Broward County since 1987 and we look forward to continuing to be a safe and confidential, trusted, reliable, free resource to our patients for the years to come.

*Walk-ins accepted when openings are available in our medical centers.

All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to the fullest extent allowable by law.


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