Single Mom and Pregnant

Rebecca's Story

Each patient comes to Hope Women’s Centers with their thoughts and feelings about being potentially pregnant. Whether they have taken five or have not taken any pregnancy tests at home, many have trouble thinking past anything but the result of the test. For most of our patients, pregnancy is not something they were actively seeking and they are concerned about how pregnancy would impact school, work, and finances.

Rebecca came to Hope, hoping to not be pregnant.

When asked how she felt when she found out her pregnancy test was positive, Rebecca stated:

I was shocked and really didn’t want to keep it. It was bad timing but of course, it never does come at the right time.

Already a single mother, Rebecca was worried. “How am I going to manage another child as a single mother?”

At Hope Women’s Centers, we pride ourselves on being a caring atmosphere where women and men can get their questions answered, while learning about all the options that apply to their situation. If you can benefit from FREE: pregnancy testing, limited OB ultrasounds, and community referrals; contact us. 

My visit to Hope gave me great advice and that they were here if I need them. I am glad there is a place like Hope that people can go to.

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