Desiring A Relationship You’ve Never Seen

Desiring A Relationship You Have Never Seen

In today’s culture it is more popular than ever for children to grow up in a single parent home, largely led by women. This and other negative relationship trends may have you feeling like it is impossible for a relationship to last long-term and to be happy.

Many girls we talk to express the desire to be in a loving committed relationship but based on past mistakes, they express frustration that they do not know how to achieve this type of relationship. If you have never seen nor experienced a loving long-term committed relationship,

find a couple that you admire that possess the attributes you want in a relationship and spend time with them.

Want a healthy relationship?

Start by becoming the type of person that you wish to attract.

Don’t give your dreams and goals up for someone else. Someone that loves you will only encourage you to achieve those dreams and goals.

Make sure you have a friend/mentor that will share truth with you even when it’s not easy. Love is sharing the hard things to help you become a better version of yourself!

Communicate to someone of interest what you want out of a relationship and what is not okay. If you don’t know yourself and don’t communicate those desires, the other person will decide for you.

While it may seem like it, there ARE healthy and happy relationships and marriages. It IS possible to have a healthy and happy relationship that is long-term. It takes some work but the rewards pay off big time if it’s the right person.

The more time you spend with someone not for you, the more time you are spending developing yourself into someone you don’t want to be. This is also the amount of time it will potentially take you to re-gain healthy insight and habits to attract and maintain the relationship you originally desired. If he/she is not for you, let them go. Don’t waste anymore time.

At Hope, we offer a safe place where you can talk about relationships and receive medically accurate information to help you make wise decisions about your relationship and your sexual health.

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