Save money and enjoy the holiday season

How to save money and enjoy this holiday season.

Hanukkah is almost here and Christmas will be here before we know it.  The holiday season brings about all kinds of emotions and causes us to sometimes purchase gifts out of guilt or out of fear of what people will think of us. The holidays also have a way of bringing people together and the reason we give gifts is to highlight our care and thoughtfulness, not that we necessarily spent a lot of money.

Make a list of all the people you have to purchase a gift for. This will help you save time, make less trips to the stores, save money, and help you to not forget anyone.

Here are some ways to save money and enjoy gift-giving

  1. Talk with your friends/family about agreeing to nix the gifts and spend the time and money you would on gifts and opt for a fun experience together instead:
    • Try a new restaurant together. Try checking sites like Groupon for restaurant ideas that also provide great deals to save money and enjoy this season!
    • Enjoy a Christmassy evening out in Broward: get in the holiday spirit and bring along friends and family for fun memories, photos, and the best this season has to offer! More ideas HERE.
    • Take your family on a vacation in lieu of gifts! Make life-long memories going to a new place experiencing a new environment and maybe even one with cooler temps!
  2. Homemade gifts get a bad rap because the age of DIY has made many a person nervous about their abilities to make something gift-worthy. There are so many great DIY ideas – spend a few minutes and get your creative on! You can save money and still provide a gift others will want. Have a significant other? Consider creating a personalized Love Book for your loved one that will be cherished for quite some time!
  3. Set a price limit on gift-giving. Have your family/friends agree on a spending limit and have fun thinking of that person! With an agreed upon limit, there is no need to feel bad for only giving potentially one gift to a person or a less elaborate gift.
  4. Give back and gift in someone’s name! Consider organizations like Angel Tree, Make A Wish, and Toys For Tots.
  5. Check your credit card rewards and if you have enough, cash them in for gift cards or cash to purchase gifts for others.
  6. Making a meal? Double the recipe and provide a meal for a person or family.
  7. Give the gift of life. Donate blood this holiday season while out shopping. “Approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the U.S.” – American Red Cross
  8. If you know someone that could benefit from our free and confidential services, tell them about us and offer to take them to one our centers.

This holiday season, make sure to enjoy the season and do not let the mission of gift giving cause you to miss the point of this season. This season only comes once a year! Happy Holidays from Hope Women’s Centers!

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