Shame Free Zone

An unplanned pregnancy can bring feelings of guilt and shame. Unfortunately, it can still feel taboo to talk about, or worse can make someone want to hide altogether for fear of the harsh words and condemnation some people may bring. 

But one thing you will never find at Hope Women’s Centers is judgment. We know better than most that it can happen to anyone.

– The woman in a healthy, stable relationship
– The mom of three who thought she was done
– The executive who has never skipped her birth control
– The broke newlyweds barely making it
– The cautious college student with her first real boyfriend
– The woman going through a divorce
– The single mom lacking support
– The assault survivor
– The woman who has had two abortions
– The church-goer who told everyone she was waiting until marriage
– The teenage girl
– The one-night stand with the broken condom
– The engaged couple
– The woman with health complications

Every woman who walks through our doors has a story that deserves to be heard in a safe, supportive place. We encourage women to talk about their stories – the good, the bad, the ugly. Why? Because it’s your life and your life matters.

No matter what your situation is or how you may have ended up in an unplanned pregnancy, you will find compassion, empowering solutions, and hope.

At any of our clinics, you can learn about all your pregnancy options, talk about your future plans, and get the services and resources you need to make a fully informed choice. No matter who you are, no matter what you decide, we are here for you.

There is hope. Make an appointment today.

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