Strong Women Empower Strong Women

We’ve all heard this quote or seen the meme in a dozen different forms on Instagram. It may not be anything new, but it doesn’t make it less true.

Here’s to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

A woman’s strength is unique and powerful. That’s why we love helping empower strong women in our communities and we get particularly excited about celebrating Women’s History Month every March. We love reading stories of history-makers and glass ceiling-breakers, but more than that, we love sharing the courage, strength, and perseverance from our own patients and women we know right here in Broward County.

At Hope, we see women face fears, make tough and selfless decisions, and give more of themselves than they ever thought possible. Women’s History Month brings about the same feelings of both humility and pride when we reflect on all women who have made sacrifices, fought hard, and forged ahead to make a better world.

By helping build a culture that respects and values every person, no matter who they are, we are making history too.

Hope Empowers

When women are told by their peers, their loved ones, and by our culture that they are strong enough, we enable them to live more courageously.

When women no longer feel like they are somehow less, or can accomplish less because of motherhood, no matter how they came into it or what obstacles come along the way, we are empowering her and the next generation too.

When women are not held back because of a lack of education, resources, and support, we are building a brighter future for everyone.

Every time we and empower women and families, we take a step towards these goals and become a part of the solution.

The best way to change society and the underlying issues is to channelize the power of women in every walk of life.

This is feminism at its finest. When we embrace the uniqueness and fierceness that is womanhood, speak up, and stand against any injustice, the world becomes a better place.

And we become better citizens along with it.

So yes, strong women empower strong women…and families…and communities. Hope empowers strong women because we are strong women. Women like our patients, are given hope, compassion, support, and empowered to thrive.

For Women For You

We hope you join us in celebrating these strong, talented, brave, intelligent, kind, and resilient women every day and all month long.

And if you are facing a pregnancy decision and need a bit of that strength, we’re here to empower you too.

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