Achieve a Summer Body and Self Esteem

Achieving the Summer Body and Self Esteem

Summer has begun for Fort Lauderdale and that means we are thinking about how to achieve our perfect summer body, and that means we are also about to experience even MORE heat! For many of us, our determination to get to the water for relief from the heat and to work on our tan lines is distracting us from our regular responsibilities. Fruity drinks in hand, good music playing, friends around, and the beautiful south Florida sun shining down; oh, the joys of living in paradise! However, thinking about summer has us also thinking that we do NOT have the summer body we had hoped for, which for many of us is causing our self-esteem to take a hard hit.

This time of year, shows us where we are in our health and fitness routine. When asked most people say they wish they could change something about themselves. If you find yourself thinking this way, know you are not alone. It’s the time of year we are all thinking about our body looking great in the bathing suit on the beach!

If you search the internet this time of year you will see lots of promises to give you the “perfect summer body” with “little effort” and in a “short time line,” which is not realistic. If you have indulged too much and have not stayed on track with your goals, here are some helpful tips to get you back on track and enjoying this summer with your self-esteem in tacked!

A Summer Body Begins with Our Mind

We need to be realistic about our health goals and accomplish them so that our bodies are working in the healthiest way, for the long term! However, we have all found ourselves in a situation or season where we have been extra hard on ourselves due to the goal we did not accomplish and we tend to beat ourselves up WAY TOO MUCH for goals that we have not yet achieved.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Every time you find yourself negatively thinking about the way you look, state two things out loud that you are thankful for about your body. If this is too difficult at first, try stating out loud two things you are thankful you can DO because of your body. A summer body is simply YOUR body THIS summer! While that may sound trite and a bit overstated, let us encourage you to stop beating yourself up mentally and emotionally and go out with friends that love you for you. Grab that bathing suit, your sun glasses and don’t let negativity determine what type of day and even the type of summer you will have!

Your Body Will Thank You

Eating healthier and exercising will have you feeling a lot better about yourself. Having that calorie-filled drink, the dessert, or that second helping of food is okay to have every once in a while, but having it regularly slows down your body, slows your mind and creates a pattern that makes it more difficult to get out of that cycle.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Commit to eating healthier and exercising. Write down what this means for you and incorporate when, where, and how you will exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Stick to this even if you miss a day and you will begin to actually feel the difference, both in your body and in your mind. Simply having a goal you are actively working towards builds self-esteem!

Take It a Step Further

This summer work towards your goal, learn to love your body being thankful for what your body allows you to do, acknowledge you are not yet where you want to be BUT you are working towards your goal(s). When thinking about a party or event, know that you are going with your head held high because you are a beautiful person with specific goals and you have a lot to offer the world.

Don’t forget to take some great pictures and be safe out there, don’t forget sun-screen!

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