Heads Up: Staying Calm In A Surprise Pregnancy

Heads Up: Staying Calm In A Surprise Pregnancy

Imagine you are sitting at the beach, sand between your toes, hair blowing in the wind, sea mist caressing your face and the warmth of the sun tingling your skin. All of sudden a seagull comes out of nowhere and whacks you in the head with its beak! To say you are surprised is an understatement. The peace and serenity of the beach are no longer your focus, the shock of the bird attack is the only thing you can focus on.

While the situation above sounds a little unlikely, this is what an unplanned pregnancy can sometimes feel like. You and your boyfriend are having a great time being together, the relationship feels solid, you get butterflies when he is around and you are always thinking about him. Then the two lines appear on your pregnancy test. The seagull has whacked you in the head! Hundreds of questions are swarming through your head on how your boyfriend will respond to the news. The shock of the pregnancy is the only thing you can focus on. How will I tell my boyfriend? What if he leaves me? Will he be mad?

In these times of stress and fear there are simple truths that you can remind yourself of to stay calm:

  1. You can get through this together if you both seek help.
  2. He may not know how to support you during this time.
  3. The decision is ultimately yours.

As quickly as possible, sit down with your boyfriend and calmly share the news with him. Just like the seagull at the beach, this surprising situation (the pregnancy) does not have to completely negate the beautiful day at the beach (your relationship with your boyfriend).

We have been serving women in Broward since 1987 offering free and confidential services: counseling for you and your boyfriend, ultrasounds, referrals, STI information. In our centers, you can learn about all the many options available to you. We can also help you tell your parents.


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