What Can Friends Do To Help?

Your BFF drops the bomb on you that she thinks she’s pregnant! It’s nerve-racking to try to figure out the right thing to do or to say when your friend is facing a life crisis. You don’t need to provide the solutions to her problem – the most meaningful way you can support her is […]

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Get all the facts


In a moment of crisis, it’s easy to make quick decisions that we may later regret. 28 years ago Hope Women’s Centers was started as a safe place where clients could explore their options and get medically accurate answers. Our goal is that every client of Hope Women’s Centers knows the options available to her […]

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Is Plan B For Me?

Is the Morning After Pill For Me?

You had unprotected sex.  Now your head is aching with all the “what ifs”…what if I got pregnant? What if he had an STD? What if….You deal with your worries alone for a week, and then you can’t take it any longer. So you talk to your best friend and ask her what to do […]

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Girl considering abortion

Patient Rights

Are you thinking of having an abortion? Do you know that you have rights as a patient seeking an abortion? You have the right to insist your abortion can only be performed by a licensed physician. You have the right to know the medical malpractice history of this physician and to know whether his or […]

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I will support whatever you decide

“I will support whatever you decide.”

Have you recently found out you are pregnant, told the father and his response was: “I will support whatever you decide?” Did his positive-sounding team player response leave you feeling somewhat confused and alone and you are not sure why? Our culture tells women that a pregnancy decision is in their hands, it is their […]

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