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Single? No Worries

To be single. Some say it is the happiest of times encouraging you to “live it up! This is the best time of your life!” “you should be so thankful you are single,” and “I would love to be single again!” There are times though when the words from those in your circles fall flat, […]

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wrong relationship

Wrong Relationship

It can be difficult and may take time to admit out loud. You have a hunch you are not with the right guy or girl and your relationship is not what you hoped for. You may have heard the phrase: “there are plenty of fish in the sea” to emphasize the point that if you […]

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Desiring A Relationship You Have Never Seen

Desiring A Relationship You’ve Never Seen

In today’s culture it is more popular than ever for children to grow up in a single parent home, largely led by women. This and other negative relationship trends may have you feeling like it is impossible for a relationship to last long-term and to be happy. Many girls we talk to express the desire to […]

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Couple hooking up

Hooking Up

Hooking up. You wanted true commitment, love, and someone to spend your life with.  But you did not see it happening for you and you found yourself in a place that you never thought you would be in. So what’s the big deal? Our fast-paced and sex-driven culture tells us that hooking up is okay […]

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