Rebecca's Story

Single Mom and Pregnant

Each patient comes to Hope Women’s Centers with their thoughts and feelings about being potentially pregnant. Whether they have taken five or have not taken any pregnancy tests at home, many have trouble thinking past anything but the result of the test. For most of our patients, pregnancy is not something they were actively seeking […]

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Confident You - Hope Women's Centers

Confident You

Pick three words that describe who you are as a person? Just three. Got them? Now think of a time when you did not show one or all three of these qualities. We have had female patients describe themselves as: smart, kind, bold, forward-thinking, educated, compassionate, creative, and hardworking. No one is perfect and that […]

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Fear Turned Into Courage

Fear Turned to Courage

When our patients find out for the first time that they are pregnant; the number one emotion they tell us they face is fear. By definition: fear is: “a distressing emotion aroused…whether the threat is real or imagined;…anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant will occur.” – It is easy to understand how a woman who finds out she may […]

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A New Chapter

A New Chapter – Yakini’s Story

“One of my greatest fears was what my parents were going to think about me getting pregnant – especially my Dad. When I went to Hope, they gave me lots of helpful information…not just about parenting, but about abortion and adoption, too. I realized that there were lots of options for me and that I […]

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K's Story

K’s Story

I was scared and nervous when I started to suspect I might be pregnant. This couldn’t be happening to me! I wasn’t ready to have a baby – I hadn’t even finished high school yet. I had pretty much decided in my own mind that I would just have an abortion. What kind of mother […]

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