Fear Turned Into Courage

Fear Turned to Courage

When our patients find out for the first time that they are pregnant; the number one emotion they tell us they face is fear. By definition: fear is: “a distressing emotion aroused…whether the threat is real or imagined;…anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant will occur.” –Dictionary.com It is easy to understand how a woman who finds out she may […]

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Desiring A Relationship You Have Never Seen

Desiring A Relationship You’ve Never Seen

In today’s culture it is more popular than ever for children to grow up in a single parent home, largely led by women. This and other negative relationship trends may have you feeling like it is impossible for a relationship to last long-term and to be happy. Many girls we talk to express the desire to […]

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You can do hard things

Words Create Worlds

When you see successful entrepreneurs or hear stories of people living out their dreams, do you tend to discredit yourself and think you could never take the step to achieve your dreams? Is going to school/finishing school or getting that desired job seem like something you could never do? What if it IS possible? What […]

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Young Couple

Wait For What??

We live in a time when we can have honest, open discussions about sex. That’s a good thing. We talk to a lot of young women about sex every day in our 5 medical clinics in Broward County.  We talk to the young men who come in with them sometimes, too. One thing we have […]

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Do you have a big decision to make, but you’re feeling kind of like you have no choice at all? You owe it to yourself to take one step back for a moment to think about what YOU really want and tune out all the unsolicited advice you’re getting. Concentrate on your goals and your dreams for the […]

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