Practical help if you think you are pregnant

Think you may be pregnant? Take action with these 5 steps

You had sex and you are not sure if the protection and/or birth control you used was effective now that you are late. After taking a pregnancy test (or four!) you might feel the urge to panic when they all return positive. As hard as it may be to resist this urge, follow these five […]

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New FREE Additional Services

Additional Services in 2017

Over the past three decades, we have cared for women and men who are facing unplanned pregnancies. We specialize in early pregnancy verification, and we want to make sure that every patient has the information they need to make an informed choice regarding their options. We offer free and confidential services in a safe environment and we serve all […]

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Just in Time - Hope Women's Centers

Just in Time

You’ve probably heard it said that we live in the “Information Age” or “Digital Age.” This is true: information is everywhere, all the time, constantly be added. Type anything into Google and you’ll get millions of results. Information is useful, but sorting through it can be overwhelming! Who do you trust and what is most relevant […]

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women sitting with coffee reading the online letter about abortion in the Ft. Lauderdale area

New Services To Be Added in 2017

Hope President/CEO announces additional health services for women that will be available for patients in 2017. In October of 2016, the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] released a report showing that 2015 was the second year in a row in which increases were seen in all three nationally reported Sexually Transmitted Infections [STIs]. Approximately 1.5 million […]

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Straight Talk: Gonorrhea

We hear a lot about healthy lifestyles. The only person who can help you make good choices about your sexual health is YOU! If you are sexually active, you have to know the risks… and one of the risks is getting an STI (sexually transmitted infection). There are multiple varieties of STIs and some are […]

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