Think you may be pregnant? Take action with these 5 steps

Practical help if you think you are pregnant

You had sex and you are not sure if the protection and/or birth control you used was effective now that you are late.

After taking a pregnancy test (or four!) you might feel the urge to panic when they all return positive. As hard as it may be to resist this urge, follow these five practical steps to find out for sure if you are pregnant and what to do if you are:

Step 1: Take a deep breath. This will help you think and communicate most clearly.

Step 2: Call one of our medical clinics to be seen same day* or schedule an appointment online for your convenience. Here are some additional things to know before you come in.

Step 3: In our centers you will be offered free services + free resources. You will be tested i our medical centers using a urine-based medical quality pregnancy test. No needles necessary!

Step 4: If your pregnancy test result is positive, most of the time we are able to offer a limited OB ultrasound. Find out why an ultrasound scan is necessary in verifying pregnancy.  We are now able to offer all pregnancy test patients free STI testing and treatment for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, the two most common STIs, because they are both curable, and they both present a danger to our patients’ health if they are not treated.

Step 5: The results of the ultrasound scan will help you know your options and help you in making a decision. The scan will answer questions like: “how far along am I?”, “will this pregnancy last?”, “what is my due date?” and more.

Hope will provide you with resources and referrals in your community beyond this list.*

At Hope we encourage our patients to make decisions knowing all options available to them. This is why we offer our services free of charge, each time a patient is seen.

All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to the fullest extent allowable by law. Hope Women’s Centers does not profit in any way from our patients or from any decision a patient chooses.

* Walk-ins accepted when openings are available. We encourage patients to at least call ahead.

* We do not provide abortion services nor do we refer to medical facilities that perform abortions. We do have comprehensive information about abortion procedures and risks.


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