When Victims Become Survivors

Sexual Abuse

Abuse of any kind is NEVER okay, under any circumstance, including: sexual abuse, rape and sex trafficking.

  • It can happen to anyone.
  • The person who was abused is the victim.
  • It is not the fault of the victim.
  • What the victim wore, may have drunk, and where the victim was has no bearings on the offense and should be left out of the conversation altogether.
  • Victims have the right to feel that they can trust someone with their story.

There are times where girls find themselves pregnant after being the victim of rape. When a girl faces her fear of finding out she is pregnant after being raped, she should know where she can reach out to for help and be reassured that she is the victim.

At Hope Women’s Centers, we exist to encourage and equip women to make an informed choice regarding an unplanned pregnancy. Whether a pregnancy was originally wanted or not, we are here to help her gain control of her situation and make a decision with all necessary information.
An appointment at Hope Women’s Centers provides a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere where a woman of any age can get medical care and resources that fits her story.

All ages welcome (adult/parental consent not needed)

We help women who have survived rape to see themselves as a victor, not a victim – she’s a true survivor. If someone shares with you that they have been raped or sexually abused in any way, the best and most helpful response is “I am so sorry. No one should ever have to go through that.”

Many times, when a woman shares a rape experience, the listener “interrogates her”, instead of just listening. At Hope Women’s Centers, we focus on listening and serving as a sounding board to help women heal and recover from the violent experience.

We’re to help.

We exist to encourage and equip women to make informed decisions. Although hard to discuss, this topic is very important and we feel it needs its own space for those who can relate.

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