Wait For What??

Young Couple

We live in a time when we can have honest, open discussions about sex. That’s a good thing. We talk to a lot of young women about sex every day in our 5 medical clinics in Broward County.  We talk to the young men who come in with them sometimes, too. One thing we have learned about people is that they don’t like to wait.

Waiting is not fun. We don’t like to wait in the doctor’s office for our appointment – and our patients don’t like to wait too long for their appointment, either. We don’t like to wait in line at the bank, or the restaurant, or at the movies.  The girls and guys who come to our clinics don’t even like to wait the few minutes that it takes to get the result of their pregnancy test!

We want to get fast results! So, it makes perfect sense that we don’t want to wait for perfect relationships to develop. We don’t want to wait for the right time to have sex. We want it all – we want it now. We are caught in the cross-fire of wanting things instantly, yet our souls also thirst for relationships that are long-lasting and secure.

Are the relationships in your life helping you achieve your goals? Recently a group of celebrities was interviewed about why they were saving sex for marriage. Many of them said they needed to be smarter about their relationships in order to achieve their goals. Their stories are encouraging reminders that YOU say WHEN; YOU say WHO – and on any given day YOU can choose to change anything about your life that is not helping you achieve your goals. You can become the person YOU want to be! No waiting…you can start right now!

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