What Can Guys Do To Help?

Your girlfriend thinks she might be pregnant, and you are feeling shocked, scared, and trapped. As a guy, you may feel like you don’t want to (or need to) deal with this decision. She needs you. One of the worst pieces of advice you can give her during this time is “I’ll support whatever you decide.” Most guys think that’s what she wants to hear, but it absolutely isn’t!

She didn’t get pregnant by herself, so let her know she isn’t alone in the decision-making process, either.

These three ideas will help both of you get through this scary time and make informed decisions about the future.

  • Assure her that she is not alone, and that you will be there for her
  • Try to understand her fears, and admit you have fears, too.
  • Get some coaching from a trusted source about your options.

The worst thing you can do for her is step out of the picture right now. Try to understand what her fears are and resolve to be there for her. It’s important to slow down and take one step at a time. For this reason, Hope Women’s Centers have been helping couples face unplanned pregnancy since 1987. We can help you, too.

Many times women think they may be pregnant at the first symptom of pregnancy without taking a test…or they take a drug-store test, which can be inaccurate. At this point, she needs a medical pregnancy test and an ultrasound to see if she is really pregnant or not. We can provide that. Free and confidential. Contact Hope Women’s Centers to get an appointment today. 

Our staff is here to listen and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. No cost. No pressure. Totally confidential.


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