When you don’t want to be pregnant

When you don't want to be pregnant

You purposely grabbed the digital pregnancy test to make sure the pink lines don’t confuse you.

Three minutes later you see the word: ‘pregnant’ in the bathroom stall. Shock permeates your body and immediately one hundred thoughts run through your head.

Many of our patients have just experienced this scenario and do not know who to turn to. This can be a very scary and lonely time. Maybe you told the father of the baby, a parent, or even a friend and their response left you even more confused. This is where we come in.

At Hope Women’s Centers, we specialize in early pregnancy verification. We are here in the very beginning as licensed medical clinics ready to help you with free, confidential, and necessary services to help you make an informed decision. Services include:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Limited obstetrical ultrasound for qualified patients*
  • STI Testing and Treatment for qualified pregnant patients*
  • Options counseling
  • Community referrals

For the past 30+ years, we have been serving patients with care providing the space for them to process their decisions while providing the support of medical professionals to help answer questions.

Right now may not be the time that you want to be pregnant. We understand. Life throws all kinds of curve balls and while some are easier to take than others, and it is helpful to have extra support during this time.

Connect with us today and come in for your free appointment. You do not need to wander and you do not need to do this alone.

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